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Gender Wars: Why is There Tension Between Men & Women

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”

The Kybalion

This is a long read, as I include many quotations from other writers. You can bookmark and continue the article at a better time.

Its not surprising to see the men and the women of the world in a ravaging & foolish war against each other.

Society and its agents (the media, celebrities, ‘role models’) has been playing around with gender norms and stereotypes for a long time. You may think the new gender norms are liberating, rather they are repressing.

This article may be controversial for some readers, but we wish to say that this article is not directed at a certain gender, ideology or group. We believe men and women equally have made mistakes, but the real cause for the ‘Gender Wars’ is society and is its corrupt programming and social conditioning of the people.

The causes of the ‘gender wars’ are:

  • Un-natural Gender Norms.
  • The ‘Liberation’ of Women.
  • The False Ideas that Men Have.

To explain the current situation, we will return to the Kybalion, a book with timeless advice on the Laws of the Universe, because its common knowledge, that the Universe is not chaotic, rather it runs like clockwork.

(All quotations in this article are from the Kybalion, unless referenced from elsewhere)

We will also be looking at my explainer book on the Kybalion: “Mental Transmutation: The Practical Techniques from the Kybalion“.

If you wish to view the full explanation of the Gender Principle, you can get my book for free and read the Gender Principle as well as Six other Principles.

Un-Natural Gender Norms

Women wish to imitate men and men wish to imitate women.

This is the first reason why there is so much confusion & controversy regarding gender.

Now, myself and many other people respect peoples right to imitate another gender completely and we believe no one should be discriminated due to their lifestyle choices.

However when you go against nature, there is always going to be friction.

All men and women have a Masculine and Feminine aspect of their mind.

If one exhibits a higher level of one aspect, he or she will fail in certain areas of life and possibly will face mental illness due to the imbalance of gender principles.

The author of the Kybalion describes the human mind as being split into two sections:

“The Masculine Principle of Mind corresponds to the so-called Objective Mind; Conscious Mind; Voluntary Mind; Active Mind, etc.

And the Feminine Principle of the Mind corresponds to the so-called Subjective Mind; Subconscious Mind; Involuntary Mind; Passive Mind”.

People may be offended by this quote, due to the foolish thought that some principles and aspects of the mind are considered as a weakness. There is no weakness in the mind, there is a weakness in people’s perception of the mind.

We will clear up these doubts and misconceptions that have confused people, further in the article.

The Subjective & Objective Mind:

The Subjective Mind is the aspect of the mind that interprets events, ideas, conversations and every experience through how they feel about it.

While the Objective Mind is the aspect of the mind that interprets the same events, ideas, conversations and every experience through how they think about it. 

The Receiving & Giving Mind:

The Receiving Mind, is the mind that receives ideas, thoughts and emotions from others and makes them their own.

That is why women are great.

They have the capacity to empathise greatly and care for people at a level no man can. They make the best psychologists, doctors, childcare workers, nurses and any other career in health and education. 

The Giving Mind is the mind that gives their own ideas, thoughts and emotions to other minds.

People with a high percentage of the Masculine Principle are good leaders, teachers and motivators.

The Masculine Principle of the person giving the suggestions, directs a stream of Vibratory Energy or Will-Power toward the feminine mind of the other person (man or woman), and the latter accepting it, makes it its own and acts and thinks accordingly.”  

The ‘Me’ & ‘I’ Mind:

The ‘I’ mind and ‘Me’ mind may be confusing, but basically:

The “Me” refers to the emotions, thoughts, ideas and mental states of an individual.

While the ‘I’ is considered as the Willpower and the energy, that the ‘Me’ requires to express its creativity and its mental creations.

The ‘Me’ is regarded as the Feminine principle. However do not make the mistake of thinking that women are bound to be ‘in their heads all the time, always emotional and dreamy.

While it’s natural for women to be more creative, emotional and in their heads, each female is different according to how much of the masculine or feminine principle they exhibit.

Some women exhibit high levels of the feminine aspect of the mind while some women exhibit high levels of the masculine aspect of the mind.

It all comes down to the individual themselves.

This is the same for men. While it’s natural for men to be active, motivated and voluntary, each man is different according to how much or how little he has of the feminine or masculine principle.

With regards to this, the author of the Kybalion mentions that the majority of people are mainly using their Feminine Principle of their Mind. “The majority of persons really employ the Masculine Principle but little, and are content to live according to the thoughts and ideas instilled into the ‘Me’ from the ‘I’ of other minds.”

People mainly are blind followers, following other people’s ideas and thoughts.

Now, we wish to argue that one gender principle or gender is not better than the other.

Men boast on their objectiveness and say; ‘women are too emotional and dreamy’, while women complain by saying; ‘men are mean, stupid and egotistical’ and hence the two genders think the one is better than the other.

It is true that it is natural, for a woman to be more emotional and thoughtful and for a man to be more egotistical and more active, but that never means one of them is better than the other.

Rather they complete each other.

Like the proton and the electron, the sun and the moon, like the light and the dark . . . men and women complete each other.

To conclude this point:

There is a Male Gender and Female Gender Principle in the mind of each person. When the levels of the Principles are unbalanced, mental illness may afflict the individual as he has become alienated from nature.

The solution is simple, the individual must balance the two Gender Principle of the Mind. We will explain the different ways this can be done in the following arguments.

The ‘liberation’ of women.

As the men have lost their strengths, so have the women. The women want to imitate men in being aggressive, egotistical and logical thinkers.

The world doesn’t need any more men, rather we need to get rid of them. How many wars, genocides, sexual assaults, abuse and violence have they caused ? Why do women want to imitate men when they are what the world needs so desperately ?

Before I proceed, I must defend myself from those foolish people who might claim that ‘I am saying that women are emotional & illogical people and they shouldn’t work like men.’

We do not believe that women cannot do what men do, we are simply saying they are predisposed to care, be emotional and be thoughtful and that is what makes women great.

You only hear the stories of the great leaders and thinkers but you never hear the stories of the women in their lives or cared for them, aided them and possibly made them the great people they were.

Rather, we actually believe that women are better at some jobs than men.

“If women ran the world we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days.”

Robin Williams

Women are deep and holistic thinkers, they think about a situation from all possible perspectives, while men think from only one perspective: His own.

Women must Re-evaluate what it is to be a Woman:

Society has had a role in creating false gender stereotypes, and I am not talking about women being oppressed in the past by not being able to work and so on.

Those issues have mainly been solved, there is still remnants of discrimination but the main thing is that the laws have changed to accept women in the workplace so on.

I am talking about the false feminism that has arisen these days.

I was having a discussion with some ‘feminists’ about modern / third-wave feminism and I asked her who her role models are and she mentioned some names that made me laugh uncontrollably.

She mentioned a famous reality TV show star, some singers and X-Rated models.

I asked her, “Do you even know who Mary Wollstonecraft, Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai and Susan B. Anthony are ?”.

And she replied by saying, “Is Rosa that character from the sitcom Brooklyn Nine Nine ?

So you see how today’s feminism is a fake version of feminism, piggybacking on the work of real feminism.

Real feminism looks at real issues like wages, domestic violence, repression and so on. However today ‘feminism’ is simply a collection of women who think they are liberating themselves by becoming sex models and lesbians. 

If you wish to become truly liberated, turn off your TV, stop following these fake role models and live life your way.

That is true feminism.

One of my favourite writers Katherine Kersten on this topic, writes in a blog article named ‘False Feminism. How we got from sexual liberation to #METOO’, 

 “Movies, television shows, and video games routinely depict women as male playthings, and women willingly buy into it.” 

Third wave feminism has transformed into the hatred of men, because according to them, “it is becoming harder and harder to find a man who is respectful, kind, and considerate.

Kirsten explains further, citing work from the sociologist Mark Regenerus:

“That’s no surprise, says sociologist Mark ­Regnerus. For American men, sex has become “cheap.”

“In the past, sex was expensive, notes Regnerus—women demanded a lot in return for it. Generally, the price was marriage, with its promise of love and fidelity. Today, women give sex away without expecting much in terms of time, attention, respect, or faithfulness, and “men, in turn, do not feel compelled to supply these goods as they once did.””

The situation is simple. Women give themselves away to men cheaply, thinking that by doing so they will become liberated, because that is what they see in the media.

Due to this, men don’t treat women well, which is wrong but what can you expect ? The rap & hip-hop scene also encourages men to treat women terribly with their abrasive and violent lyrics.

Then after all this women complain that men are the issue and get turned off and turn to lesbanism as the solution.

Katherine finishes her article with a statement that could not explain this issue any better: 

“#MeToo is the wrong response to a serious problem. It blames sexual indignities on toxic masculinity and rape culture, when it ought to look at the very premises of sexual liberation.”

False ideas that men have.

Re-evaluate what it is that makes someone a man.

A man is not someone who is the macho, never crying, always working and always motivated individual.

Rather the Masculine Principle consists of the attributes of minds we mentioned above. The real man or what consists of real masculinity is; strong willpower, a giving attitude, logical & objective.

The men who have these traits are the real men.

And women who want to reconnect to their Masculine Principle should adopt these traits.

Also it is incumbent for men to find real masculine role models and mentors.

People have taken rappers, thugs, sportspeople and other useless people as role models.

What do they provide you but, mindless entertainment, a huge waste of time, and a corruption of ethics and values?

Real men like Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Linclon, Terry Crews, Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk are good role models.

These people will benefit you, these people have done great things for the world and have greatly influenced the people around them.

If you are looking for a mentor, you must essentially look for four things: A good balance between the Masculine and Feminine Principle, Motivation, Giving Attitude, Objective.

And not only men can benefit from male mentors or role models, women can learn how to reconnect to their Masculine Principle from these good role models and mentors as well.

And that is the same for the opposite, men can learn a lot from female mentors and role models.

We hope that our explanation of this issue has cleared the air.

We understand that the treatment of women is not fair.

We are strongly against how society and its agents (celebrities, media, ‘role models’) have caused this situation by putting our Queens in the XXX magazines.

Unfortunately, this society has our teens addicted to their screens.

It seems that that, “All that is solid (established) melts into air, all that is holy is profaned” (Marx & Engels, 1990)

We advise women to live their lives on their own terms and to cease from chasing fame. 

With the men, the advice is the same.

The conclusion for this depressing topic is the important declaration of war against the people who want to corrupt our youth.

We advise that men and women return to the advice and lives real female and male models.

The ones that went through all the trouble and the rubble to fight for real feminism.

Rosa Parks, Mary Wollstonecraft, Malala Yousafzai and Susan B. Anthony and many more.

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2 thoughts on “Gender Wars: Why is There Tension Between Men & Women

  1. Interesting read. It is true that many men and women are at odds. Gender wars are real and have been since after the fall in the Garden of Eden.

    Men’s contempt of women and women’s response continues to this day. Women were oppressed and belittled for who they are and they began to try to act like men.

    Men were not typically oppressed and belittled for who they were, but they still attempt to imitate women.

    God is not the author of confusion.
    It is a spiritual battle. Too many men have been and continue to be super insecure and to demean women gives them illusion of superiority.
    Evil is the influence behind the hostility.

    Increasingly, there is hostility and an attitude of objectification and entitlement some men have against women. This nasty attitude is even found in churches, with some religious leaders spiritually abusing women.

    Women are being attacked for turning down offers. Women have been and continue to be assaulted for being women, for being pretty, for saying no, and for not stroking male egos.

    Violence and contempt against women is a neglected topic and a global topic. Weak monsters assault women to feel “powerful” and seem to feel women owe them something.

    It’s nice to see you shed some light on the gender wars.

    Liked by 1 person

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